I did it. I couldn’t handle one more day in that hot wooden sauna shack. I told my soon-to-be ex-husband I wasn’t going back there, I would return to Brazil but I WOULD NOT return to this place. Long traumatising story I prefer not to make public but it involved mental health, trashy in-laws, and just me being fed up with bull shit.

Back to the Dentist

I brought the kids to the Dentist in Buritis last month for their cleaning and today we had to make another visit ….to replace the filling on B’s front tooth which fell out when she bit a lollipop, (I know I’m a horrible mother I swear there will be no more lollypops! Suuuure). The good thing is this dentist needs medical translating for her Master’s degree. Guess this freelancing thing is slowly snowballing….

My experiences in “Turking,” surveys, and mini-tasks

Here making anything especially in US Dollars is better than nothing. With my husband making basically nothing with his refusal to work on other people’s farms and doing “freight” for about the cost of the gas money (“they need it, they don’t have the money to pay the real cost” so he says as we continue to buy groceries “marcando” (on credit) from the local store. Looks like it is up to me to figure out how to eat, pay the rent (a measly $150R but a big expense when you make nothing), and pay the other daily costs of living.

Slave labor
My first month on Amazon’s mini-task platform, Amazon Turk, I made a bit over $100. It was smooth sailing for a while, I had found a requester who paid “well” and was accepting my work and then… they weren’t. I did a ton of work for them and they out of the blue rejected it and wrecked my ratings, now I’m finding it difficult to do even the basic tasks and it is taking forever to crawl out of the bad ranking. Not only was I not paid but now I basically can’t work….GREAT job Amazon

Moving to town

We moved with precision timing, Ryan didn’t miss the first semester exams. I was exactly correct in guessing about where the 3rd graders would be in their books. It’s a good thing I had Ry finish up all the first units. Not that educationally to him it makes any difference, its just busy work set three grade levels behind (count how many balls, write the number, ya 3rd grade I’m not kidding, welcome to Rural Brazilian curriculum, but that’s another post). But for Brazil’s beaurocratic reasons “catching him up” will make all the difference. For anyone who lives in Brazil, can you imagine if he missed exams! The horror, the abomination, how rouge!