UPDATE: We’ve moved…. http://americantoamazonian.com/

I’m an American expat living in Brazil with my two kids. We’ve had quite the adventure over the past 4 years, building a farm from the ground up, raising my kids biculturally, exploring our many new communities (we’ve moved around a lot!), and trying to survive off grid for half of it!

This is the old blog….I’ve upgraded our digs to an actual site! Visit us here http://americantoamazonian.com/

Note: While the post dates are back in the day, this blog is not inactive! For my own journal I put the real dates (when the event happened or when I wrote the post) for the publishing date but most have actually gone live as of 2015. Remember we were without electricity and while I tried to keep up with writing by charging the laptop on my car battery, most of the time my kids won out and used the juice to watch a coveted DVD!



3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Do you happen to know whatever happened to Rachel from Rachel’s Rantings in Rio? I used to follow her before our move, but now I see that her domain has gone inactive.

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