I’m an American expat living in Northern Brazil with my husband and two kids. We’ve had quite the adventure over the past two years, building our farm from the ground up, raising our kids and our cows, exploring our new community and country, and trying to survive off grid for most of it!

Check out my latest blog posts to get up to speed!

Note: While the post dates are back in the day, this blog is not inactive! For my own journal I put the real dates (when the event happened or when I wrote the post) for the publishing date but most have actually gone live as of 2015. Remember we were without electricity and while I tried to keep up with writing by charging the laptop on my car battery, most of the time my kids won out and used the juice to watch a coveted DVD!


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Do you happen to know whatever happened to Rachel from Rachel’s Rantings in Rio? I used to follow her before our move, but now I see that her domain has gone inactive.

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